Macros vs. Functions

Hi folks,

please help me understanding what shall i prefer: macros or functions.

I have already read this article: link text

I am very familiar with macros and functions, but that is the problem :smiley:

I can change almost every macro into a function and reverse.

For example i can realize a branch in a macro by multiplying the forwarding values with the boolean value and adding them together, so the sum is always the value that i need depending on the boolean value.

When i need delays or other “time” nodes, the solution is clear: macro.

But when i just putting values together with a bunch of branches, i am hesitating: macro or functions?

Hope, anybody can give me the final guideline, so that i am not having decision difficulties anymore :smiley:

Thanks in advance

PS: What is better when it comes to perfromance

Short answer:

Neither is significantly different in terms of performance. There’s a large programming difference when it comes to how macros and functions work and compile. However, in blueprints, there’s not much difference; just use functions and don’t worry about macros.