Macro Variation, if there is a way to make our own version. GIMP if possible?

Now I’m new to UE4 and I know that you get the option to have a premade Macro Variation, but is there a way to make it yourself, I tried to look for heaps of tutorials, and a lot of those tuts teach you nearly every aspect, but there is lack of information of how a Macro is made, I don’t know if it’s true, but reading from other threads, is it true that it is similar in line to a normalmap in the way it’s made, either way, I want to know how it’s made, to enhance my knowledge for my future projects.

Now I use GIMP currently, so if anyone could help me with this topic, then please it will be much appreciated, I think this topic should be important as well, as it could help other people.

if you have any threads or youtube tutorials of how a macro variation material is made, please list them.

thanks. :slight_smile: