Machine Presentation

Here’s a prototype that I’m working on, using Unreal Engine 4 in a completely different purpose than make a game.

The prototype is almost finished and is 2 machines of a 11 really big machines that compound a entire process of “bring the beer to us all” . :slight_smile:

If you like it, I’ll post the end result.

I love seeing the engine used for things other than just games. Please post the end result whenever it is finished. :slight_smile:

Nice! Is this a Skeletal mesh that you brought in, or did you do the animation in Matinee?

Very cool. Definitely want to see more virtual machines. Please, share anything you can about your process and implementation.

Thanks for sharing!

That was really cool…Just my 2 cents, I think that it would be a lot cooler if when you broke the machine to show all of its parts the parts were arranged in grid like fashion and put back together similar to how you have it now. But over all its looking pretty cool! Keep up the good work.

I really enjoyed watching that! It was interesting to see the machine from a conceptual standpoint and move into a practical example of its function. Great work!

Thanks Adam, for me it was kind a conceptual project ehehe

Yes, me to. I see a great potential in others areas with UE4, especially in product presentation.

Hi Tom, thanks. I did almost everything with Matinee, but I have some SkelMeshes with animation and some MorphTarget to.

Thanks, I’ll post the end result and some screenshots of the process soon.

Hi Samsterdam. I’ll try to make the pieces like traditional ways but I don’t like the result. I wanted some “fluid” disassembly to the machine, but thanks for the feedback.

Machine Presentation - Final Product

Hi again.
This is the last version that I can put on air, before adding what identifies the machine and the manufacturer.
It’s to different machines that made forward and backwards process.
For the navigation of the “player” I use a XBOX 360 Controller, with some inputs to start the animations and the menu and a trigger press/release to “sensitive-drive” the explosion of the machine.

I’ll post some screenshots to, showing the Matinee and some of the SM.
Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

Yeah! that’s really fantastic! The lighting and dynamic shadows really make it shine!

Yes, but all the dynamic shadows and lights drop down the FPS a lot. 95% of the objects is dynamic because the disassembly. But in high-end pc runs like a charm eheheh

Brilliant! Lighting made it even more enjoyable to watch for sure. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jacky! :slight_smile:

Just published to a Moto X… and… Having problems with lights… No GI … Some suggestions???

dude . looks awesome

Mobile doesn’t support dynamic lighting. Dynamic objects are lit purely from indirect lighting samples. So, make sure you have a Lightmass Importance Volume set up, and have MUCH lower expectations :slight_smile: Oh, and use the Sphere Reflection actors as well since there’s no screen-space reflections.

Very nice. I’m also working on a business appl. and this is a great inspiration :slight_smile: