MacBook Pro 2017 13" vs 15" for Mobile Game Development in UE4 and XCode?

I have a desktop gaming workstation PC at home that I use as my primary computer for everything including game dev and gaming. It’s a very powerful computer and works great (it’s only 3 months old). I don’t have a laptop. I’m very interested in game development for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. I plan on doing 3D Stylized graphics and making the game in Unreal Engine 4 and XCode. I like both iPhone and Android devices. I currently have a Galaxy S6 and Nvidia Shield K1 tablet. I plan on replacing the Galaxy S6 with the new upcoming iPhone 8. So, I want the game to be available for both iOS and Android (maybe Windows 10 mobile, if that ever gets any better). In the future, I do plan on making games for the PC as well but there’s also a small chance I will also make it for MacOS and Linux.

So, I’m interested in getting a MacBook Pro 2017. I don’t want an iMac, I don’t have a place to put it in my apartment, and it would be nice to have something portable. I don’t know which MacBook Pro is better for me. The 13" w/ touch bar or the 15" w/ touch bar? The 13" got an Intel GPU & Dual-Core Intel CPU which is not good at all for gaming but is it good enough for mobile game development, even for mobile games with amazing mobile graphics like Infinity Blade 3? I do like the 13" size and feel to it and I feel that the 15" is a little too big but it got the ATI graphics card and quad-core i7 CPU. Which MacBook Pro will be better for me? Will there be a dramatic difference in terms of performance? Will Unreal Engine 4 be stable with an Intel GPU? Also, if relevant, the software I plan on using besides UE4 and XCode on my Mac is also Maya LT 2017 and Photoshop. It’s very likely I will be doing most of the work on my desktop PC instead. I will also be just using my MacBook for casual use and traveling.

You need to have a Mac to be able to develop for iOS, but considering you mostly want it for casual use I would go for a cheaper one and then do development on your workstation and use the Mac when you have to. You would use it to be able to set up the PC to send test builds to a device and then you would need it when you are ready to upload to the app store.

darthviper has an excellent answer. I’ll add. If you have to develop on a macbook consider an external gpu.

True, I forgot that you could use something. Too bad that the Razer Core can’t be used on a mac. I have to buy a extremely expensive external GPU adapter.

Do you have a link or documentation you can share to me on setting up my PC to send test builds to my MacBook. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m basically using the MacBook for testing on UE4, compiling for iOS/MacOS, and uploading to App Store. Everything else such as using the Unreal Engine 4 editor, 3D Modeling Package, Photoshop, and etc. on my desktop PC.

Razer core can be used. It has to be a mac with a thunderbolt port. good luck. If your computer is good enough now. Than you can wait until your game is developed to build to mac.
learning commons at most good university have imacs.
I knew a dev that once rented a mac after building his game. After 3 days he couldve just bought a macbook air.

So I basically just need a mac just for compiling the game for Apple products.

I’m not sure you even need a Mac for the signing process any more, IIRC it can now all be done on PC.

Looks like you can provision for testing on PC without using the Mac:

But you will definitely need the Mac to upload which requires Xcode

I would nevere recommend MAC for PC/Console games, only for iOS and that’s all, but even for iOS I go with other options.

Please notice that it works only for Blueprint-only projects without Third-Party plugins installed.

Last time I checked Unreal Engine editor wanted to melt down my Macbook Pro. I don’t know if things improved but I doubt. I did not test with external GPU though. Now that it will be officially supported by Apple it might be a viable option.