Mac System Requirements


I have the exact recommended mac specifications and Unreal Engine runs terrible!
8GB of RAM is far form ideal, my machine is using too much swap to be usable.
The current Recommended should be Minimum, and the actual recommended should be reavaliated.…ons/index.html


There aren’t recommended specs for Mac on that page, so what are you comparing to?

The main issue with Mac is that typically they don’t have a dedicated GPU, and while 8GB of RAM isn’t ideal you should still be able to run UE4 as long as your CPU and GPU aren’t bad.
But again, Mac’s aren’t typically equipped for game development.

Hey Studio Avante! **darthviper107 **is correct in that we don’t have Mac-specific system requirements. They’re also correct in calling out that Macs often don’t have dedicated GPUs, and how that’s often a source of bottle-necking. While you can certainly run UE on a Mac, I’ve found you’ll have an easier go of it running it on PC.

I’m sorry if that’s not very helpful, I’ll let you know if I hear anything else from my colleagues.