M1 Mac 4.26 Compatibility Report

I recently got my m1 macbook pro and running big sur 11.0.1 w xcode 12.3 pretty much everything works (with a few caveats) ! Here’s what I have tested so far:

Building the engine from source - Works
Remote compiling cpp ios projects from windows to the m1 mac - Works
Building and deploying ios projects directly from the editor on mac - Works
Compling and running cpp ios projects from xcode - Works but you need to do the fix listed here: Unable to compile with Xcode, Unreal 4.26, Big sur - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

I am getting some weird graphical bugs in the editor however, see the attached screenshot. This was just the third person template with absolutely no changes. Oddly enough on the device it was fine. shrug.

Anyways I figured some people would be happy to hear that it basically works fine. Rosetta works well. I wouldn’t use it as my main dev machine but it works fine for a remote compiling workflow with a main windows dev machine.

To fix the odd graphical issue, go to the platform settings and force 32-bit math. Should get rid of the odd colours. I managed to use that to get the engine downloaded from the launcher to work. but was getting crashes when I started interacting with the viewport.

Did you compile using rosetta or are you compiling a arm64 version?

Thanks. Saw a vid on youtube where the guy ( Game Wizard) installed mono framework first. He then set the viewport to IOS ( to use Metal shaders as presumably because no m1 support for openGL or direct x ) He could then build for IOS

Hmm I am not getting any crashes right now when I interact with the viewport but I haven’t played with it that long. I’m using 4.26 downloaded from the launcher.

EDIT: I spoke too soon, I am getting some crashes. they seem random.

Also I forced 32 bit precision and I am still getting those color problems in the third person template map… weird.

When I compiled UE4 from source I built it for x86 so it was running using rosetta, I don’t think it is possible right now to build it for arm64, or at least I don’t know how to do that.

Yeah if I switch it to mobile ios preview it works perfectly fine, and it also looks totally fine on the device so I am not too worried.

I built from source as well (like you said, the rosetta mode is invoked and intel binary is built). I also tried the iOS preview mode and its much more stable for me.

I noticed a new commit in the master branch for detecting apple silicon gpus so I’m going to build that and give it a whirl…

Ah, master doesn’t quite work yet. shadercompileworker doesn’t yet fully build.

interesting, after I’d switched to master and back to 4.26, Xcode suddenly had the option build native arm64, BUT some of the third party libs aren’t arm64 yet (so far shader conductor, mcpp, ispc and Qualcomms texture converter), so we get lots of linking errors.

I also tried the IOS preview model in 4.26, although it’s less color bugs ,it still get some graph bugs and crashed from time to time.I know it could run more stable on the version of 4.19.2, but some new function can’t use. Is there any way could use 4.26?Thanks.

Ah yeah I am seeing the option to compile for arm 64 on master, you have to rebuild your project files each time you switch branches otherwise the schemes wont be updated. This is really good news though, it means they are working on a native arm version of the engine, so hopefully sometime in the next few months we wont have to deal with this buggy rosetta situation.

If you can’t deal with the bugs that are present in the rosetta version you will just have to wait until epic fixes the bugs/ releases the native arm 64 version.

on a M1 MacMini with 4.26 launcher version simply switching to iOS preview has made everything fine thus far I have tried making a build yet but is very playable. And I have to say the performances is Far beyond anything I could have hoped for. It is significantly better than my 16" MBP that much is for certain. maybe even iMac Pro. I have heard some people are having crashes but I have not experienced any thing only thing I have noticed is the longer time compiling shaders. This takes WAY longer


Yeah any project of significant size seems to choke it and the whole system freezes. have to force reboot.

yep :frowning: My MacBook died because of this. was out for about a month :stuck_out_tongue:

Waiting for a version that supports the m1, until then I stick with my desktop for dev.

Have same problem. Waiting for solutions

Jumping in as well. Currently the only thing keeping me from buying an M1 is Unreal.

yeah simple stuff like mobile target would prolly be fine. and I was able to get a pretty heavy level to load with IOS view port but as soon as I turned on lighting bam locked up every time

Good stuff to know. Thanks for this information guys.
I’m currently running Unreal Engine 4 on a Minimac late 2014 with 16GB of RAM (The Maximum that I can have with this computer).
I was looking into buying the new Minimac M-1 Chip but wasn’t sure if it would support UE4.
I guess I’ll have to get on the waiting list as well. It’s the only thing that is stopping me right now from going forward with this.

In terms of Desktop Windows machines, what do you guys recommend, and what’s the ballpark price range can I expect to pay for this wickedness? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll mostly do Illustration-Storyboards-Animatics and then Previz work and to top it off with Cinematics Cut Scenes.


Freelance Storyboard Artist
DLR Storyboard Artist

You should have a good pc for unreal dev. AMD CPU with 12-16 cores, 32gb ram, 1080ti/Vega 64 or better. Probably will cost 2k ish.

@freaknbigpanda you cannot develop for ios or mac on a PC alone. That’s the issue.

Yeah I know but you should never do your main development in unreal on a mac, the mac should only be for debugging and remote compiling imo

Any updates?

I’m currently doing game dev on 4.26 with a Windows PC, and run Perforce for updates. I never have to do a compile or build, I just do things like fiddle with visual scripting, uplaod FBX and texture files, assign and modify materials. Basically make artwork changes and submit them back through Source Control/Perforce.

Would this be possible on an M1 Mac? Not for main development, but say for travel so I can work remotely from time to time.

I’d just get a PC laptop, but they all suck. Either you have to buy something that needs to be plugged in all the time because of atrocious power draw, or you get something low power and the screen is some garbage tier TN panel, or there’s no numpad, which is an absolute necessity for me with Blender, and I’d rather not carry around an external USB numpad.