Lyra Animation Q: MM_Unarmed_Jump_Fall_Loop is missing a distance curve

I’m working on a base GameFeatures plugin for Lyra and am trying to better understand its animation in particular.

I duplicated the B_Hero_ShooterMannequin class to my plugin. The only change I made is that I removed the logic about auto-equipping a weapon, so my pawns (for now) are always unarmed.

This caused my animations to be bugged out such that the random gender change would not have any animations at all. (If I left the default as male, then when it randomly switched to female the pawn wouldn’t animate. If I changed the default to female, the inverse issue would occur.)

I recall in one of the UE Lyra videos a dev comment (Michael Noland?) that the animations are bugged unless/until you equip a weapon, but I don’t remember which video or where. It was an off-handed comment and their fix was to simply auto-equip a pistol.

I was able to mostly fix the animations by explicitly calling LinkAnimClassLayers on the skeletal mesh after the OnCharacterPartsChanged event.

The only visible issue now is that when I jump I get 1000s of spam warning messages complaining about:

LogAnimDistanceMatchingLibrary: Warning: DistanceMatchToTarget called with invalid DistanceCurveName or animation (MM_Unarmed_Jump_Fall_Loop) is missing a distance curve.

Any ideas what is causing that or how to fix it? There are virtually no changes in my project compared to ShooterCore except that I’m not equipping weapons. I’m guessing something in that weapon swap code affects the animations in a way that I need to emulate, I’m just not quite sure what.

Please and thanks for any insight!


As an update, I tested a 100% stock ShooterGame with zero changes on a fresh LyraStarterGame project.

Modifying B_Hero_ShooterMannequin to early-out of the AddInitialInventory BP function (no weapon will be equipped by default) causes the female pawn to never animate.

However, walking over one of the weapon pickups on the map will suddenly transform her from the A pose to full animation.

Point being this seems like something innate to how the animations are being done in Lyra and/or ShooterGame. I’ve not yet discovered if it’s a bug or a feature.

It turns out there were several bugs in ShooterCore and in Lyra that caused these issues.

I made a quick video showing exactly how to fix:


It took me all night to find the cause of this bug. It was disgusting :face_vomiting:

Nice work, man :+1:

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