Luxury Apartment Project

Hi everyone,

Here’s are some screenshots of a luxury apartment that I’m currently working on. All assets are from a 3ds max vray scene, and I optimized/remodeled the geometry and props so it can be scalable for mobile/vr/etc. Critiques and comments are welcome!

Nice work!

You star in 3dsmax? Nice work great render!

Nice reflections.

Thanks guys. Just adding in some images of the kind of optimization I did. Basically remodeling or optimizing every object from the scene before importing into UE4 to get the lowest polycount possible. Most of the lightmap UVs I manually unwrapped because I’m picky and enjoy torturing myself, while others I flattened and packed where it makes sense. These are simple examples but the idea is applied to all everything. Furniture is baked from high poly to low poly.

If you don’t mind me asking, What did you use to get those tris down for the in-engine model?

I did a pretty good break down of how to optimize a couch here,

That chair could be approached in a similar way. For really simple stuff, just starting from a box and using minimal geometry is all you need to do.

Actually, that thread is what got me inspired to do the baking for this project, so thanks for that! I’ve only done high to low poly baking a few times in the past, and it’s something I’d like to do more of. The only thing for me is that it requires more time to do, because I’m not yet efficient as the environment artists in the game industry who do it on a regular basis.

Awesome, I’m very happy to see my guide actually helped people out. Your scene looks great.

Looking nice!

Top notch! Looks amazing :smiley:

Very nice! I’m really curious. How long does it typically take to put together a scene like this (from A to Z)?

Thanks! It took around 10-12 days to get to that point. My friend that I work with already modeled the scene awhile ago for a commercial client project,so I just did most of the geometry cleanup and optimization. If I had to model everything myself it’d probably take around another week’s worth of work I’m roughly guessing.

Very nice!

Although I’ve never seen glass or crystal or plastic vases that are THAT clear and transparent. Way to improve on reality :slight_smile:

Also congrats on being Pic of the Day on the UE4 launcher.

@jwatte - Haha, yeah you’re right. I’ll need to go back and either tweak the material for it :). @ZacD - Thanks! Actually didn’t know about it until it was pointed out to me.

a BIG BIG thanks for sharing optimization and tips. What was your approach for wall material?

Thanks Issac. My wall material wasn’t anything fancy. The normal map did most of the detail work. and I used a regular 3 constant vector node for the albedo. I generated the normal and roughness map using Substance Designer, which was just playing around with values on the noise noise maps. There’s a lot of software you can use for making/converting normal maps though, so whatever works for you.

Beautiful work!

I can’t help but think how can you get someone to pay for it though? 3 weeks for an apartment is going to be a tough sell unless you work for minimum wage. :confused:

Creating an interactive environment should be considered a premium service and should probably come with a higher price tag. But once studios and artists build quality realtime assets, the price will go down and the speed increase.