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Where i can download the prometheus test version? i only found the 4.22 lightmass in the first page

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Luoshuang What is the stipulation on the licensing for company use? Could we obtain a license? Or could this be under MIT or GPL? Thanks!

Thanks Luoshuang, this Lightmass tool is fantastic!

4.22.0 Unified Settings Vs Cpu-Lightmass

Not sure I understand the usefulness of the comparison. I don’t think it’s indicative to compare prometheus and CPU, since the first one is not a full implementation and would bias your results. But then again, it says “unified vs cpu” in the title, so what is it?

Any updates on MultiGPUs???

Hello. I was wondering if someone can answer my question since I couldnt find anything about it on this thread. Long story short I used the GPULightmass about 4-5 months ago on 4.20 version. I havent used it since and I started working on a personal project so I went ahead and updated to 4.22 downloaded the new script but Im noticing something that wasnt happening before. The GPU usage barely goes over 10% now while it was almost always at 100% before. I thought maybe its something to do with the new UE4 version so I tried it on 4.20 but Im still seeing very low GPU usage and its much slower than before. My gpu is GTX 1080Ti, tried with both game and creator drivers, with cuda and without cuda drivers. Its still slow and barely uses my GPU over 10%. Is this normal now or am I doing something wrong? Thank you so much.

check CUDA usage. It was said already somewhere in the thread

4.22.0 Unified Settings Vs Cpu-Lightmass

Hello everybody!
I have problems prometheus gpu installed.
I installed ue 4.22 stable version bud i don’t understand install procedure this is then download .zip (prometheus last version)
copy files owerrides folders (engine dir) prometheus in files.
I run simple project not used gpu progrss bar and not 0% gpu.

I use linux for ue4 and not avalaible for prohmeteus ?


Thanks, I guess that’s the GPU Core load line in HWinfo? If so then yeah, that’s pretty 100% all the time during rendering.

Hi Luoshuang,

A quick question, how difficult would it be to fix this issue with the point light when it has a length? Please see the image attached.

I know the quickest workaround would be to use rect lights but in my case this is not an option.

It’s the only major issue I have with it, I’m extremely happy with it otherwise.


Edit: I’m using 4.21 version, unified settings.

What about just using a emissive light card mesh as a light?

Hi Whoosh,

I don’t know if I can achieve enough light bouncing to properly lit the entire area. I could give it a shot though, thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t work, can you think of anything else I could try?


Any help here please? All lights, meshes and materials are the same. By the way its not because of differetnt light units, even with 10000 intensity skylightI get almost black areas in those places, in 4.22. There are only two lights directional and skylight, both static. Also it is not project upgrade, I made 4.22 version first, and then recreated it in 4.19.

Guys urgent help, using the gpu lightmass im having out of memory error, but i dont understand, because all lighmaps are at max 512, lowest at 4, but how is the scene using the entire 6gb of video? I have a GTX 1060 and the scene is quite small, can someone help me?


I was using 4.21, now switched to 4,22 and worked perfectly, using insane quality and 1k lightmaps took 10 minutes.

Try to “clean” your cache in Swarm agent.

Hello Everyone

I have recently started working on GPU render and I did the installation as given in the forum. But I am bit confused that the GPU is processing or not. Or my Pc is switching between GPU and CPU render. Need help in clarifying this. Some time my GPU goes 80% and CPU very low and some time its just the opposite. I did the installation in both ways and dident even got a error even the BAT file is working properly. But I am confused through progress bar and task manager usage.