Lunacy: Saint Rhodes

-New Gameplay Teaser Video-


Lunacy takes place in an old house in the forest area near the town of Angel Falls, in the 1970s.


Eleven year old Elijah Grey and his mother Katarina recently bought a 90 year old house. The first time he was left alone in the big house, he started feeling someone else’s presence. The more he explored, the more he found out about the sinister past of this frightening house and attracted someone’s attention.


Psychological horror game that gives the players the opportunity to choose their own path.
The players can explore the house and discover its terryifing secrets and dreadful past.

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Looking good! :slight_smile:

Thanks man!

Here are some more screens from the game, i’m progressing slowly, so any recommendations are appreciated (what to add/remove)





Did you use any market place assets or is this content all original?

really awesome ,can’t wait to see it

Looks great! Reminds me a lot of P.T. and Allison Road.
When can we get a demo to try out?

Also been working on a horror game myself, but different setting. I put together an alpha demo. There’s still a lot to be done in gameplay, but it’s playable.
Here’s a link if you wanna check it out:

Thanks man, i dont know about the demo tho, i hope in a month.
I like your game, something like alien environment? Nice atmosphere!

Thanks man, i dont know about the demo tho, i hope in a month.
I like your game, something like alien environment? Nice atmosphere!

Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah i was very inspired by alien isolation and SOMA actually. Just doing some tiny updates. A friend reminded me that i had no objective updates and got confusing cause he didn’t know what to do. Just added that and i’m re-uploading now.

I’m looking forward to seeing a demo of this. Will keep an eye on it :slight_smile:

The environment is looking good. Great job on the lighting, definitely gives off a horror vibe. Keep it up! =)

Thanks man, i appreciate it.

Some more screenshots






Very nice feel to it, reminds me quite a bit of Layers of Fear at the moment (a good thing!). Depending on the brand of horror that you are going for it might be prudent to start experimenting with more “graphic” lighting, like lights outside the window casting long shadows of the trees, etc. Great first pass though!

Thanks man,
I actually started with that and hopefully will be done in a few days if everything goes well.

I updated the house a little, trying to make it a little more realistic, hope i am going the right way…
Current paintings are just there so it is not empty, will be replaced soon to fit the house.





What platform are you planning on releasing this on? Is it gonna be on Steam?

I agree! The atmosphere is already drawing me in, and is vary appealing.

Currently Windows, i dont know anything about steam yet

This has a Resident Evil 1 vibe all over it, love it. So whats the gameplay going to be?

Thanks dude, I appreciate it.
I started with gameplay, and it’s going “well”, but I’m trying to come up with some great story and things, I don’t know when but as soon as it’s ready to go public, I’ll upload a video of it.

Hello again,

These two days i’ve been working on lighting and walls so here are some screenshots on how it looks now…
After i finish rearranging places of the paintings and add some minor things, i’m probably going to finish the rooms and get back to gameplay.
And again any recommendations are welcome!


Excellent work. A simple suggestion nonetheless. I personally feel that the scale on the parquet flooring texture might be a little off. The squares and slats that make them up seem a little large to me, especially having had parquet flooring at my place in the past.
I would make the squares half to a third of the current size. Not right or wrong, only something that looked a little off to me.
Perhaps also making the same material somewhat less reflective/glossy. In certain parts of the house, it appears that the floor was waxed the day before. I also concede that this could be a stylistic choice.

Very Resident Evil 1 atmosphere indeed! Except 20 times more appealing as it is powered by the Unreal Engine!