Lumen with runtime mesh

Lumen; Left - runtime mesh, right - static mesh
only skylight with captured scene *same with cubemap

shadow is not generated inside runtime mesh(
*using runtime mesh component

Maybe I need to convert runtime mesh into static mesh, but I found no way to do it at runtime.
Everything in my application is imported in runtime( So it’s life or death question for me

Lumen needs static meshes and mesh distance fields to do it’s magic, otherwise the effect is completely screen space.

Seems like the problem could be solved. “Voxel” and “Procedural planet” plugins are probably building distance field at runtime. “RMC5 pro” plugin has “build distance field runtime” functionality. Though I have not tried it yet.

It is a solveable problem, and I imagine a thing on the roadmap. But it seems like there’s a lot on the roadmap for Lumen, with “this needs priority!” being said a lot; eg things like water and terrain aren’t even supported yet. So I can’t hazard a guess as to when we’d see runtime meshes other than “at some point in the future”.