Lumen vs Path Tracer: Normal Maps & Reflections

Hi, I’m pretty new to unreal and only recently discovered the path tracer - which is great for stills. However, I’ve noticed that normal maps barely have any effect - see below brick comparison - and the reflections are very different. In reality the windows would likely look somewhere in between - neither too transparent nor too mirrored at this glancing view. It’s a fresnel thing if you’re familiar with that.

Does anyone know how to improve the normals and reflections in path tracer? Perhaps without modifying the materials?? Otherwise I guess I’ll have to pick a renderer and stick with it as the materials will likely go wildly wrong in one or the other.

Also I noticed that path tracer doesn’t seem to detect foliage normals and they all align to z-axis. (see bottom right or images) Any workarounds?



Path Tracer