Lumen underwater-like flickering problem

Hey guys, how are you doing?
I am trying to render a scene using lumen and I keep having this weird flickering that looks like the scene is underwater. I have tried making the walls thicker, as it was suggested, and it reduced it, but not quite. Right now the walls are almost 2m thick and it’s still happening. I have check two sided shadows, and nothing. Does anybody have any idea what may be causing this? I’m stuck with this problem for days, now, and can’t find an answer.
Sorry for the low quality, but as a new user I can’t upload videos here. As you can see on the gif there is a weird reflection happening on the stairs.

It’s usually because Lumen cannot render global illumination in time. Avoid lighting with emissives, or upgrade your hardware. But usually a scene like this won’t be too expensive.

Hey, thanks for your reply. I have a i7, with 32gb ram and a RTX 3060, I don’t think it should be a hardware issue.
This part of the scene has only a directional light. The is a pointlight further down the hallway, but it doesn’t reach there. Is there something I can tweak?

Alright, this problem often happens in UE5.0, at early release of Lumen, it wasn’t so stable, so at the places where light and dark intersect, Lumen will render GI differently every frame. You can check out Lumen scene in view mode at upper-left of your viewport , the lumen buffer keeps flickering. Now I have better device and with more stable Lumen, so the problem is not happening to me anymore. Sorry I can’t test it for you.
You can try shrink the viewport window, limit your FPS, increase light intensity or disable anti-aliasing to see what helps you most, also try follow Lumen Performance Guide for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation to see what config fit you most.
Btw, if you are rendering at 2K or higher, RTX3060 isn’t really good enough. I’d say it is the ultimate way to solve this issues.

Hi there, it’s a bit necro but I think I was wrong last time answering this topic. check this out: Horrible Artifact in Lumen Reflection - #25 by CrazyMage
But better hardware is always important for rendering :slight_smile: