Lumen - strange indoor behaviour?

Is Lumen not fit for indoor lighting scenes (see GIF)?

No auto exposure, no post process volume. Standard first person level and imported fbx meshes. Apart from limitations of the technology I don’t know what could possibly cause this strange bright-dark adaption and extreme noise.

I read the documentation, watched tutorials and tried some of the command lines. None of them improve the situation.



I’m getting some similar issues, with the noise and big dark spots in my interior scene.

Just like you, I tried different command lines, whatched tutorials, but I still have noise and some times, some kind of “light shaking” around some meshes (without textures).

Lumen quality setting doesn’t change much, in some areas, it’s even worst than lower quality, as you can see on those screens.

If somebody have a tips for fixing this ?

Read this: Lumen GI is screen space? - #4 by pezzott1

Hope it helps.

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for your directional light try increasing the indirect Lighting intensity

and in your post process volume Try these settings