Lumen rendering goes crazy at certain angles

Hi, I am a nooby developer and trying to make a nice scene using lumen.
For the most part things were fine until I noticed that when my camera looks into a certain view rendering goes crazy. Can anybody tell me what I did wrong?

Here are the following settings:

Version UE5.2 Default RHI : DirectX12 Dynamic Global illumination method : Lumen Forward Shading : False Use Hardware Raytracing when available : True Support Hardware Raytracing : True Ray Traced Shadow : False Generate Mesh Distance Fields : True Laptop RTX3070 i7-10870H

P.S. The meshes that I am using was unavailable for 5.2 so I just Forcely Imported with 5.0 version. Plus it wasn’t nanite mesh so I manually enabled nanite for each of them.