Lumen reflections on mirrors and reflective objects showing up as smudges, UE5.2

im having a problem with lumen. im trying to make a mirror in a dressing room, But the reflections are showing up as smudges. i have good lumen cards on each object like shown.

The Smudges

the other side

Lumen cards

the material

Mirror reflections require you to enable hardware raytracing with Lumen.

The lumen card positions isn’t relevant here

i noticed that if i get closer to t
he mirror and turn the view and the reflected objects gets in the view they are reflected normally in the mirror. the video below explains it better.

Like I said… you need to enable hardware raytracing.

This is simply what reflections look like, and how they work, when you use software raytracing mode. They reflect the distance fields for anything that isn’t on screen, if it is on screen it will be picked up by screen traces and look correct.

i switched to hardware raytracing, its better but not perfect. any idea how to fix it?