Lumen Reflections doesn't seem to support direct lights?

Hi there,

I seemed to have just noitced a (maybe) issue with direct lights and Lumens GI.

My scene is lit from an HDRI cube map as an ambient light and I’ve also added a direct light as a ‘sun’. I noitced that my reflections were very dark when they go out of a certain range. Shown below:

I was really curious as to why and so I turned the direct light off… I noitced that the reflections were the same brightness.

…If I then made the Skylight intensity higher, the reflections and the enviroment would always match. It makes me wonder if the direct light right now has no effect on the general global illimination of the scene? Is it possible to resolve this? Or can I do something about this myself? :slight_smile:


Do you have a reflection capture in there? Is it set wide enough?

Thanks for your reply, I have tried adding reflection captures, but it seems Lumens overwrites or ignores them.