Lumen rectLights have hard shadows

I use rectlights in indoor scene (with Lumen GI) and no way to smooth or simulate area shadow

You are correct 100% -there is no UI-control based way to adjust the shadows in-Editor, and this is worthy of documenting and pointing out, because all new users will come across this and be like…“Wha…?”

Because I could smooth shadows frame by frame in Photoshop too, but how does this help anyone. We have strong PCs to get around performance cost for a reason, because we want the PC doing the work for us, to make it easy and fast, not slow.

I do have some helpful information though - there is a console command to adjust the shadows.
But we need to gripe about this otherwise they will think it’s fine as a console command for use, when it is annoying:


Thank you. It solved the problem.