Lumen noisy shadows. Expected due to virtual shadow maps?

Hi Guys, quick question here. I tried playing around lumen and realize the shadows in some areas seems a bit noisy. Is this expected limitation due to virtual shadow maps. I have increased the r.Shadow.Virtual.SMRT.SamplesPerRayLocal and r.Shadow.Virtual.SMRT.RayCountLocal and r.Shadow.Virtual.SMRT.RayCountDirectional by setting them to 8 but it doesnt seem to improve the shadow noise.

Is this something expected and are there any ways to work around this?

If you’re going off that youtube vid where the guy was talking about this, setting it to “8” was just a suggestion. Depending on your scene and your settings you might need more than this. It’s not like “8” is the highest possible setting, try increasing it more and seeing what happens.