Lumen issue with flaring/flickering

Im having some issues with Lumens global illumination for my interior scene.

The light bounces are flickering/flaring (see video below). Using screen space instead of Lumen fixes it but makes the lights grainy. I tried rebuilding the lighting and messing with the indirect lighting intensity but unfortunately nothing fixed it.

I am a total beginner with this stuff, so any help is greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: It seems to have something to do with emissive materials. Replacing the emissive ones with regular materials fixed it. Looking for a workaround

Make your emissive relatively dim and place a real lightsource in front of or inside your emissive surface to cast the actual light. Currently you can expect noisy results by trying to light a scene primarily with emissives. At the moment there’s no solution other than to try to avoid situations like this.

It might be that this will be improved on release, supposedly the Matrix demo’s night scene was lit entirely with emissive and seems to do so without issue so perhaps there are improvements to this coming.

Been playing around with this for a while and it seems very inconsistent. Even turning the emissive color off entirely for some meshes it still makes the lighting wonky. Thanks for the tip though!

I am getting the same issue.
Have you solved this completely by changing to a light source ?

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I have not, no. I actually switched to screenspace in most of my scenes to avoid having to fiddle around with placing point lights everywhere. Im sure someone much smarter than me has an explanation, but I dont unfortunately

In my case, I increased Final Gather in post processing and it fixed it. :smiley: :nerd_face: