Lumen hardware RT very slow

For some reason, when moving around, hardware raytraced lumen scene update on a scene thats just a few boxes and a landscape will drop my fps from 90fps, to 30fps. fix?

I’ve also had no luck with it. The reflections seem to look better in it but the performance is awful.

Exact same experience here. Runs smooth when nothing moves, but when it does, its BAD.

What’s your hardware specs?

That shouldnt matter, should not slow down to a crawl only when moving, thats clearly a bug. But for me, rtx2060, runs scene at 60fps, but only when hardware rt is enabled, when moving it drops to 25.

Ray tracing on the 2060 is a bit tough, so that’s likely to be the issue.

I have an Nvidia 3070, 32 gigs of ram, and an Ryzen 5600x.

It also depends on the area, like archviz maps are better for me than an outdoor map. But for example in one of our outdoor maps running with software lumen and nanite I’m at 67 fps, turning on raytracing I’m at under 20 fps.

That is unrelated. All of it is exclusively “rt scene refresh” or something like that, and only is present on movement. My 2060 takes rt reflections and shadows decently well, it chugs a little, but its a consistent 40~ fps at 4k, not one that destroys fps only when moving

Have you had good performance with UE4 ray tracing? Or is it only in Lumen HW ray tracing that it has an issue?
I do think the 2060 is not that capable, so likely that is part of the issue, from my experience with a 2070 the ray tracing wasn’t great in UE4.

For the third time, it only happens WHEN MOVING, it holds a steady 60fps otherwise. It has to do with a lumen hw rt bug, that, or im missing something
Edit: I believe i was missing something. Or it was patched.