Lumen Flickering near walls affecting Screen Size or FOV

Hi! I am getting an issue where Lumen flickers (5-0EA) when I get near walls if I use high screen resolutions 1440p 2560x1140, making the viewport small fix the issue.

I have tried a lot of things, but the bug keeps appearing every time.

All the scene is made with small chunks and modular assets using Nanite (95% of the scene), so it´s not a large big mesh at all.

Does Anyone knows about this?

  • Video 1 : Example of the issue + Lumen visualization of the scene, how it´s setup
  • Video 2 : Issue showcase , and how it get fixed with decreasing the viewport size

Thanks for having a look at it!

Have a great new year!

There is a problem with this Checkerboard in the document. You can go and have a look.