Lumen and SLW material

I have a project where Lumen is the king of the light! Well it has it’s issues but I hope it gets fixed. Now the reflection on the water does not work at all. I am using the UE water that it uses single layer water and nothing reflects on that surface using Lumen. Switching to SSR works again. So anyone knows if this is a known limitation that will be fixed sooner or later? Most reflections don’t work that well anyway so for now it isn’t that useful for reflecting certain stuff not entirely sure why. A rock from Megascans shows black out of the screen space for instance.

I believe this was discussed in the lumen livestream (which is up on YouTube), and if I’m wrong hopefully someone can correct me, but my understanding at least was that this is definitely being worked on

I am actually on minute 2h:03m and still haven’t seen anything about that but I hope to get there and hear what’s the situation. Thanks for letting me know.

I am actually testing a few different water materials and nothing really works with Lumen any different than SSR but at least you get that. With a SLW you don’t even get SSR.

Ok he just said Lumen doesn’t work with SLW and that they will make it work and maybe not for 5.0 but hey I am very happy to hear that so I can go to sleep knowing it wasn’t me not doing things right! :slight_smile: