Lumen and Nanite for MacOS

Given that the beta of UE5 has created quite a stir, I was keen to jump and see if it was time to move away from Unity. One of my main reasons to use an engine is that I can very simply publish a game on multiple platforms - so I have pretty much the same code to produce a Steam distribution on Linux/Mac/Windows and the appropriate app stores for Android and iOS.

I use a Mac as my development machine. Over various iterations of my projects I can be pretty confident that the executables I make will just work (although I can use a VM if I need to test on Windows/Mac specifically)

However, the lack of Lumen or Nanite support on MacOS at this point has stopped me a bit dead. I was really interested to see how they performed and perhaps send a few test levels off to users to compare, but given that I can’t use them on my development platform - makes things a bit pointless to try.

It’s all just a bit vague at the moment. Lumin and Nanite support on Windows and Next gen consoles only at the moment. Is it possible to get some clarification on support for MacOS and Linux at least?


Bump. We have around 20+ Macs in our college lab running UE5 and it would be great to know if these features are coming to Mac at all! I personally have a Windows machine, but it would be a shame for so many people to miss out.

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Be aware that while I would think they can make it work on Mac, most Macs do not have capable hardware, it would likely need a system with a good dedicated GPU or one of the higher end M1 Macs.
They also might not develop support for the Intel based Macs since Apple is moving to their own chips.