Lumen and Exponential Height Fog

If enable ExponentialHeightFog then the world is getting very bright. Why? I use SunSky light.
And how to add Moon and stars in sky?

I noticed one thing in the Valley of the Ancient demo that they changed was setting the ‘Fog Inscattering Color’ to black instead of the sky blue color.
This seems to have fixed it in my level, haven’t done extensive testing with it to see if it reacts to changing light colors properly.

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Thank you! The change in ‘Fog Inscattering Color’ and ‘Directional Fog Inscattering Color’ to black plunged the world into darkness. However, the fog looks unnatural during the day.

That’s actually mentionned in the SkyAtmopshere doc :

Should your project require Exponential Height Fog, it can be enabled in the Project Settings under the Rendering category by setting Support Sky Atmosphere Affecting Height Fog. Contribution from height fog is additive; it applies sky atmosphere height fog on top of the existing faked colors provided by the Exponential Height Fog component. To have Sky Atmosphere component affect and influence Exponential Height Fog, you’ll need to set Fog Inscattering Color and Directional Inscattering Color to Black using their respective color pickers.


Thank you. The situation has improved with the Support Sky Atmosphere Affecting Height Fog parameter.