Lpv - How good is it?

Hi.How good is lpv?

Hi. It is very good.

It’s not very good, the quality is very poor and has lots of issues with things like bleeding and the range it covers, it also runs pretty slow.
4.8 will have an early version of a new system called Distance Field GI which will give better results.
There’s also Nvidia’s VXGI available which gives the best quality dynamic GI, but it’s also the slowest so you need a good PC to run it.

LPV not so great. I’m trying VXGI in my scene as I’m writing this. I can post my results later!

It’s not good, but worth mentioning that Lionhead guys dropped new version to Epic, so we will see some updates!

Thanks for the informations.

I would like to see.

LPV had major light leaking issues. The new DFGI that will be in 4.8 (it’s already included in the Promoted builds on GitHub) works a lot better. I wouldn’t bother with LPV now that DFGI is on the horizon (or already avaible).

DFGI is also expensive, especially before it’s more complete and optimised. I’d be curious to know if it’s possible to support both LPV and DFGI and let users choose between which option bests suits their machine.