Lpv enabled, dynamic sun and blocky shadows


The material is a opaque default lit, green 3vector as diffuse no metallic, spec and 1 roughness.

At some (alot) of places, the shadows fill up entire polygons , wich is bad. But on top of that see all those lines?
What ive tried so far is tweak cascades, and they give better shadows the lower I go. 1 gives the smoothest result. Other then that ive pulled at pretty much every slider I could find :smiley:
The scalability settings are epic.

Reason why I tried a different approach for lighting the terrain was because the lightmap produced very jagged shadows.
Also it seemed like all the terrain did was complain about lightmass importance volumes when dealing with larger terrains, so I wanted to try out dynamically lit terrain instead.

Also I tried apply a 4096 normal map to my 505 terrain, to completely eliminate a pixelated normal map.
But not even at those proportions did the terrain get any smoother normals if anything it made it worse.

All I want is artifact free shadows, and so far lighting terrain has been impossible for me. Lighting looks fine on smaller objects.