LPV disadvantages


I wanted to ask what are the disadvantages by using the LPV instead Lightmass? I don`t care much about FPS since I will render out a movie throught Matinee. So are there any major problems with it?


The quality is very poor, it only supports directional lights and emissive textures, and light from emissive textures don’t have secondary bounces, and it has bleeding issues.

And it runs very, VERY slow. As soon as I switched back to lightmass, my work got much easier to run. If you have a good GPU that can handle it, great, but my weak little GT 640 does not.

Unfortunately, we are a generation away from perfect SVOGI lighting.

If you’re working on an outdoor scene, I think it’s ok. I think it’s much better than having to bake an entire city level with lightmass.

For indoor, it’s useless.

If you’re patient though, there is someone kind enough on the UE4 forums that’s working on a GI solution that’s way better than LPV.