LPV and Reflection Capture

Is it possible to use Reflection Capture actors (Box or Sphere) with Light Propagation Volumes? If so, how?

It’s not possible to use Reflection Captures with it. If there is no baked in shadowing to provide the indirect lighting for the bounce it will not be carried over to the reflection capture as these are static. LPV also is volume that works within the specified size range that is set in the Post Process Volume.

Thank you. So at the moment there is no solution for using dynamic GI and reflections that extends over the SSR.

You can use them with dynamic lighting with the command r.DiffuseFromCaptures=1 in ConsoleVariables.ini, but you wont have bounced lighting information in those reflections.

If I use that command, all the GI disappears, not just in the reflections… :frowning: