LPV and camera

I enabled LPV settings, but i have a strange behaviour. When the camera is placed near some object it’s material becomes very lightened (i disabled auto exposure).
Can we get a constant lightening with LPV independent from camera position and orientation?


So i start making my level using the example CornellBox, perhaps this is the better way to keep LPV values right.
It works pretty well with almost no impact on the frame rate.


Is this in 4.11 Preview? Or 4.10 or older?

LPV is available from previous releases, i use it with 4.11.
The only drawback with LPV is light bleeding with interiors, so it is better suited for exterior games or prodecural generated levels.
Follow this tutorial and use the CornellBox as your base map to use it.

I have an identical or similar problem in 4.11 preview on a converted 4.10 project, but it’s fine in 4.10 and older (all the LPV drawbacks and limitations aside). I’ve been using all default LPV PP values and default settings on the movable directional light. Again, no such problem on 4.10 and before.