Low resolution screen gets blurry

Hi - much easier to use a post process to pixelate the screen. Did you pick up a copy of Chameleon when it was free?..

Hey guys.
I’m creating a retro game, and to get a good pixelated effect with perfect pixels the most logical solution to me seemed like setting the screen resolution to something very low (such as 320x240).

The problem is: even with my antialiasing set to “None” in the project settings, when I start my game it sets the resolution right but everything looks horribly blurry.
Have any ideas on why is this happening?

If someone is having similar issues and finds my question, please check this for the solution:

Hey there! Yes, I did :slight_smile: but I’m not using PP! I’m actually just resizing the screen to give it few pixels, all it take is a couple of nodes!

Had similar issue - disable anti aliasing in project settings > rendering > default settings and you’ll get those crisp pixels to show.