Low res Textures in game

Hello, I have a real problem. I don’t know how to fix it.
I have Attached 2 images with the problem. In my viewport the texture resolution is ok (all is in epic and scale is in 100%), but in my game all is in low resolution. Thanks for your time!!

PD. Sorry for my english.

Guys pls, I need help with this. Ty

Hello Eduflex,

Thank you for your patience while awaiting a response on this issue.

Typically if you haven’t heard back from a staff member in 24 hours then please feel free to post again with any updates or changes on this issue.

I would like a little more information regarding this issue so I can narrow down what is causing this.

1.) Can you link me your DxDiag?
2.) Is your graphics card up to date?
3.) If you click on your texture, in your details panel, it will bring up another window with the texture’s properties. On the right side is texture streaming enabled? Is never streamed turned on? If streamed is not turned on then try turning this on and playing again.
4.) Is this a converted project from 4.8?
5.) Can you open a new clean project in 4.9 and still see this issue with the minimal default scene?

After you answer all of these questions please post again and I will continue to investigate this issue.

Hello , thanks for your answer.


  1. Yes, is up to date.

  2. I can´t modify “Never stream” option. This textures are imported from substance designer. My “Texture streaming” in Edit/Project settings/Rendering is activated.

  1. No, is not, This is a 4.9 Native project. When I open “Realistic Rendering” from Epic Games Library, the textures are at full resolution in game. My archive is cursed I think. :slight_smile:


I’d like to test this on my end. If you could link me the exact files you are importing in I will attempt to test them. We have noticed native to “Substance” programs that users have to individually pull apart their materials and plug in their textures individually inside a new material in UE4. I know this is a pain, however, there could be an issue with your workflow.

Here is a series, done by Allegorithmic, that steps you through the setup process and workflow to UE4.

Let me know if any of this helps.

Hello , It’s solved, I recreated the Material-Maps Links in Unreal using the substance textures, without the pluging.
Now it’s works.

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