Low quality Ray traced shadows problem

I have enabled all the features i should have and got it all working correctly, although the ray traced shadows are enabled, they are very
low resolution/quality. As seen in my picture below.

I have set the shadow resolution to max in the content browser and yet the appear like the picture above.

The shadows are fine on simple and small objects just not complex or large ones like buildings and the one above. Its a building
Side note- how do i get rid of that weird anti-aliasing effect around the edges of shadows.

Here is a picture of the mesh distance field effect thing. If it helps.

Thanks in advanced.

The top image looks like a bug. I’ll see if I can reproduce that with a simple cube.

Distance field shadows do a have a problem with large objects - a volume texture is mapped to the object, and volume textures don’t scale up well to large sizes. There’s an internal clamp of 128^3 on the volume texture resolution for any given mesh to keep memory reasonable. To use the method you usually have to use more modular building than one mesh per building. The distance field scene representation relies on modular reuse to get enough distance field resolution to be usable.

Do you mean the softness as it gets further away? That’s part of the feature, but you can disable it with a smaller LightSourceAngle.

If you mean the jaggies that appear when the shadow is very sharp, that’s because it is computed at half resolution for good performance. There’s an option in the latest code to not downsample, but it is 3x slower.

Would i be able to manually increase the texture resolution some how?

Do you mean in build 4.7.0 preview 5.

Thanks for your reply it cleared a lot of things up for me.