Low Quality Matinee output

Hello everyone,

So I have made a matinee sequence and wanted to render it.
Made everything I needed, setup my directors group and my level blueprint, but when it is ready with rendering (and while rendering, too), the qualtiy is really bad.
I know that the process of rendering isn’t the real outcome, but when I watch the final AVi sequence in VLC it is still pretty bad.

I made a screenshot form the editor preview and a screenshot from the rendered avi sequence



I have tried to render as Image but with the same bad result.

I have set my settings in editor all on high and my matinee movie options:

Can someone please explain me while the result is so bad? I would record my screen with fraps or a different third party screen record programm, but the scene in ue4 is so big that its starts lagging extremely so this is no option, too.

Could it be that there is a strange setup of materials or lod of my vegetation? I doubt it, beacuse it is from epic’s Kite Demo.

I’m really desperate, because I need to show my work soon…I hope someone can help me

Thanks in advance

Update: I have read in the documentation that "terrain Actors, source brush models and certain other object types are not currently supported for export. "
Could that cause the problem? If yes, how can I fix that?

Try doing an image sequence instead, then putting them together in a video editing program. It’s much less resource intensive and means you won’t get any frame-drops in the final version.

Remember that AVI is also uncompressed, so you’ll be watching back a hella-lot of gigs of video in a short space of time. You’ll probably want a high-speed hard disc or SSD and good RAM for that.