Low quality details in a distance

Hello fellows, we are having some trouble with details in our project.

We wish to export a high-resolution image for use in architectural work, but at a distance objects loose details, the mesh appears to simplify itself. For examples, the red lines that appear at the image bellow are clearly engraved in the building, but at a distance they seem flat and strange.

Thank you for the future support.

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-14 at 15.57.48.jpeg

Are the red lines part of the mesh or the texture? If the latter, it’s texture mipmapping at work, switch it off.

Do not switch mipmaps off. It will cause severe aliasing.
Use temporalAA and screenpercentage 200%.

Scaling up the screenprecentage did not solve the problem. The details that are facing the camera are extruded meshes, but when the building is at a far distance they loose detail, and become like one surface.
Also, the floor textures seem nicer when we use the preview mode.

In the image bellow you can notice in the highlighted areas the loss of details from a closer to a farther view.
30892f05-00ce-4f3e-856b-1dddcbe63f68 eg.jpg