Low quality, blobby shadows after building lighting.

Hello, I am new to UE4, But I am learning quite fast, and enjoying very much.

I am having an issue though, that I am unable to find an answer. I hope someone here has had this issue before.

When I add a tree to the level, the shadow it casts is normal, It looks what I would expect for being set to “med” quality settings.
If I build the lighting, I get very low quality blobby looking shadows.

But this only happens with a new level. If I build lighting on the “examplemap” from the template, shadows look as they should.



You will have to increase the lightmap resolution of your ground :slight_smile:

Wow, Thanks. This is the answer. Never know that you needed to do this. This is also great to know for optimizing faraway object that don’t need to much detail.


I think I have the same issue, but the blobby shadows come back after building my lighting.
When I change the lightmap resolutions of my meshes and terrain, it all looks fine.
Only after I have re-built lighting, that the blobby shadows come back.
Then, when I change the lightmap resolution to something lower, the shadows look better again.

Looking for this issue keeps getting me to posts where it got fixed by increasing the lightmap resolution.
But nothing about the shadows being blobby after light build, while they were fine before light build.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.


PS: I tried adding images, but the upload keeps giving an error.
Even while the file size is smaller than the maximum, as well as the resolution.