Low Quality and Incorrect Reflections

I’m having a problem with reflections showing up in low quality, and also incorrectly. In the picture shown you can see there is a lot of noise in the reflection instead of it being crisp. Also within the reflection it looks as if there’s a larger scaled reflection (it’s showing part of the window frame inside of the actual window frame). The glass material is set to 1 metal and 0 roughness. I have a planar reflection in front of the glass and SSR quality is turned up all the way in the post process volume.

Am I missing something in my set up? Is there a way to fix this, or alleviate it? Any help at all is appreciated.

The problem is the screenspace reflections don’t match the reflections from sphere/cube captures, and the screenspace reflections are also super low quality for some reason. So while the window is in camera’s view I get two mismatched reflections of the same thing. Is there a way to just disable SSR?