Low Poly Mesh with High Poly Normal UV Lines Visible

I am learning how to bake a high poly mesh onto a low poly mesh.

I made the meshes in Blender. The High and Low Poly were shaded smooth.

The mesh was painting in Substance painter, the mesh was re-exported from substance Painter with vertex fix option selected.

I imported into Unreal and applied the textures, now my mesh has sharp seams and there is a visible color difference between seams.

Any idea why this is happening?

The seams usually mean one or two things:

  1. Non tiling texture

  2. Bad UVs

Sorry, don’t know much else about importing from an external source.

Thanks for your tips. Ill check the uvs.

I think i found the issue. In substance during the mesh map of the high poly the offsets were wrong, and also my normal smoothing in blender was set too low =)