Low Level Memory Tracking

Hello Everyone,
I was reading through the Unreal Engine Documentation on Low-Level Memory Tracking and I’m trying to put tags to see how expensive staticmeshes, skeletalmeshcomponent, etc are. In the documentation it says:

  1. Add a value to the ELLMTag enumerated type found in LowLevelMemTracker.h.
  2. Add a corresponding element to the ELLMTagNames array found in LowLevelMemTracker.cpp.
  3. Add tag scopes to the code using the LLM_SCOPE macro.
    My issue is I can’t find the LowLevelMemTracker.h or .cpp files in my project. I tried googling solutions but was unsuccessful. How should I go about this?

LowLevelMemTracker.h is under Games\UE_4.27\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\HAL
and the .cpp Games\UE_4.27\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\HAL\ in your VS project.