low health screen effects

I cannot for the life of me get A screen effect to work, be gentle with me, im new to this.
Pretty much im trying to mimic something that happens in life called hypovolemia which means low blood volume
and the effect I am trying to accomplish is were there is a vignette that slowly fades in and out while turning to world into monochrome, the monochrome part is for later, If you can help with that here too though it would be appreciated, I have the vignette done it was easy along with an animation, I want it to trigger at 25% health but cannot get it to show in Viewport, I will leave pics at the bottom any help is appreciated, If you need more pics or info feel free to ask, Thanks.

Go watch this Objective Complete Popup - #30 Creating A Survival Horror (Unreal Engine 4) - YouTube

K, I watched it, it could help, thats so much more complex then I know what to do with, If that makes any sense

I want it to trigger at 25% health but
cannot get it to show in Viewport,

  • How are you calling the Hypovolemia Vignette event?
  • What triggers it?
  • Are we sure the health is low enough for the Branch to fire True.

Also, you create the widget first and then check for health? You probably want the create the widget after the branch - at the moment you’re ending up with an orphaned widget that will get Garbage Collected pretty quickly.

In not home right now but when I get back up try to do the widget before and post about the other stuff

Sorry for the delay, first off, the health is set to 15% in the main Variable, but again im new like just started using unreal, so im not sure how to do this right, how would you recommend calling it and triggering, cause either I did it wrong or I havent put something in

Might be best and easiest to just have the vignette widget in the viewport at all times and change its Alpha or Render Opacity or Set Visibility instead of creating and destroying it.