Low FPS ... to many polygons?

is this car too much for unreal engine?
i can’t tell you very much … bad english :smiley:

hope someone can help
thanks :slight_smile:

What FPS are you getting without the car?

And how many polys is the car??

It is too much for your hardware, not for the engine.

UE4 handles extremely high poly counts fairly well. How large is the car? And what are your hardware specs?

3,20 GHz
8 GB Ram
nvidia geforce gtx 960

without the car i have something like 40 FPS

Most likely it is the number of dynamic shadows. Each shadow is a new render of the mesh. If the mesh is 100k polys and there are 10 lights this would be rendering over 1m polys. But that still doesnt seem so bad. We had scenes over 30m polys running at 30fps on titans.

Light overlap in screenspace could also be a contributing factor. How much faster is unlit, or with all lights off?