Low FPS on Rendering with DX12

Hello together,

When I execute the archviz interior rendering project setup and open it in UE4 I have constant 7FPS!
I have a six-core computer 4.0 GHZ(32 GB RAM) and a NVIDIA 1080 with 8 GB memory.
Why does the FPS rate break down so much, that you can’t do anything anymore?
This is this project:


When i switch over to DX11 the frames run smooth by 60 FPS but the bottleneck is DX 12, there i have only 7 FPS.
My System can handle Dx12, cause the Diagnostic says DX 12.

What do i do wrong?](New Archviz Interior Rendering sample project now available! - Unreal Engine)

Thanks a lot for a solution!

when you use DX12 the ray tracing is used but not with DX11

Hello Julian Thanks a lot for your answer, what can i do to have the same FPs like on Dx11. I mean the card GTX 1080 can handle DX12 Data.

By the Way DX11 and DX12 support Raytracing…this is also viewable under the Project Settings->Render->Raytrace on or off
Microsoft says that DX11 has also the capabilty for Raytracing!

True oddly never thought about it, but ARE there differences, does DX12 do it better or faster under some circumstances?…ing-tech-demo/

ForDX12 " In the case of hitting the fallback layer, DXR will be executed via DirectCompute compute shaders, which are already supported on all DX12 GPUs. >…ctx-raytracing

HM, so a GTX 950 which has served me VERY well, can do raytracing now, albeit slower . Indeed it can, as I tried it once and everything looked like what one would expect but FPS suffered so I turned it off, but I was using 4.24.1 I believe which for many here has severe fps problems.

But does Dx11 have api to address raytracing given I’ve so far only been able to find it for DX12?…tno=526&pgno=1, looks like RT was just in initial stages ?

Dunno, I’ve never followed such things until this year , anyone else can verify - IE: did DX11 EVER have a API for it and who use ready to use it ?

If you’re going to use ray-tracing then it’s going to be slow, the GTX 1080 technically has support for it but isn’t optimized for it at all (it would need dedicated ray-tracing cores) so it’s not going to perform well that way. Unless you need a DX12 feature, then use DX11

Thank you Dartviper107
This has solved my issue i think i have to invest in an RTX 2070/2080 GraphicCard