Low FPS on Landscape Mountains demo

On a high-end computer, I get 20 FPS on the Landscape Mountains Demo only when looking at certain parts of the map.

As you can see, the Prepass Dynamic and Basepass Dynamic are off the charts. It only seems to happen when I’m looking at trees; the more trees, the more it happens.

Steps I’ve taken with no luck:

  • Reduced resolution
  • Turned off all lighting
  • Turned off all shadows, including shadows inside every LOD of every foliage mesh

What is causing this?

Did you try using the different View Modes to visualize what is going on?

In particular Light Complexity and Shader Complexity in the problematic areas? Can you see any pattern emerge?

None of the view modes helped identify the problem, but it turned out to be that one of the foliage meshes had “auto compute LOD distance” unchecked; therefore it was rendering on LOD0 like 15k vertices for over 1,000 HISM actors, heh.

Good you found out. And that didn’t show up in the LOD Coloration? Strange.

It does indeed! Just hard to notice unless you know what to look for. Thanks for mentioning this and helping me and hopefully others be aware of it!