Low FPS in empty scene

Hi, so I have been having low FPS, so I decided to test out a basically empty scene by just using 2 cubes and a single light. All baked. What I got was FPS far lower than I could have imagined.

Am I messing up somewhere? I’m getting over 2500 FPS in Unity in the same scene setup. I have checked and Unreal does detect my hardware properly, and all my drivers are up to date. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

When I am in an empty scene and have everything on EPIC settings, I get 90-100 fps. When I am in a Scene where I have got a lot of Assets and Blueprint stuff going on still 80-100 fps. Also keep in mind that the Editor itself is eating a lot of performance.

Hi Krozjin,

Can you provide some information about your system? CPU, GPU, Ram? Also, were you getting the same results in earlier versions of the engine (ie. 4.0.2, 4.1, 4.1.1) or was it higher/lower?

Also, posting a topic like this on the **AnswerHub**would get you a quicker response than necessarily posting here on the Forums. This also provides us with an easier way to track things that may be an issue with the latest release rather than having to locate a post here on the forum.

Make sure to include the information I’ve requested as the bare minimum when posting on the AnswerHub. This will aide in looking at the issue more quickly without having to request the information again.

Thank you!


I’m currently using:
i7 4960x 6 core CPU
24gb ram
Radeon 7970 video card

I was probably getting the same framerate on the previous versions, when I upgraded my level to 4.2 I didn’t see any difference in performance. I will go ahead and post it on AnswerHub though, thanks for the suggestion!

Nobody - That’s good to know.

I wouldn’t worry about it, you can adjust a few world settings, and add a post process volume and adjust settings there to get you above 120 fps. But as Nobody said there isn’t much difference in FPS between a mostly empty scene and one with lots going on.

With a few adjustments to settings you should be able to get over 120 fps in the editor no problem. I am running this on 7850 OC, I5, and on a 2560x1440 monitor and I am usually around 90-120 fps

Would you be able to help me out and point in the direction of where/what the settings are so I can fiddle around with them? At the very least it will be good to know what I should look out for in the future. Thank you very much!

How much FPS do you get in a heavily populated scene? What settings? I didn’t even know that my HD 7850 OC 2GB was actually capable of running the editor in 1440p with pretty nice FPS, lol. I’m using it with an i7 2600k.

Create a post process volume make it unbound. Setting Motion blur to 0 and Ambient Occlusion to 0 both increase FPS. I usually have motion blur off but Ambient Occlusion on.

Also there are specific things that seem to really hurt performance even if you can’t see them. Dynamic lights from particle effects are one of them. Moveable lights are another one.

Best way to figure out what is causing slowing is using GPU Profiler.

I found it really helps to figure out what causes these big performance hits and what doesn’t. You can have two scenes that look the same or about the same one being MUCH slower than the other.

I am running everything on Medium and Resolution at 100%

Thanks for that!