Low amount of free content

I was wondering what you guys thought about the amount of free content in the marketplace. I suppose I am biased in comparing it the the unity asset store. I just wanted to ask, do you guys think that the Unreal marketplace will eventually have a good amount of free stuff , not exactly the same quantity as Unity’s marketplace, but enough to enjoy for a hobbyist. I do understand that Unreal being free is already and amazing start. Just wanting to see what the opinions are here, not to complain. Interested to hear what you all think!

Not sure what you mean by low amount of free content? There is a massive amount of free content on the marketplace currently. You need to remember that the items on there are not single asset downloads. Those free packs by Epic have dozens or hundreds of assets per pack. Also, while I’ve not looked at the Unity store in a while, 90% of the stuff I’d see on the unity store was of really poor quality. The UE marketplace in my opinion has a nice level/standard on the assets available.

Also, if you’re using the Launcher make sure you check the learn tab, not just marketplace. Maybe you missed it? This includes all the epic examples, etc.

There is also nothing stopping you from getting free content outside the UE marketplace. You’ll need to do a bit of work yourself importing, but there is mountains of free stuff around for any hobbyist.

it says:

There are some exceptions (like Koolas example scene) but in general I think Epic doesn’t really want free samples. All free stuff is from Epic itself.

However, the amount of stuff that Epic provides is huge. I’ve been using UE4 since the beginning and I haven’t gone through all the free samples yet…

As mentioned Epic do release a ton of free content and the work is of a very high standard. The Marketplace is a Market for users who are releasing content that has reached a level of quality. I think its nice that is it not spammed by freebies.

I have found a thread that lists all the free content that is released from users. I hope this will satisfy you a bit more.

Some of the free content produced by the community is just as high quality as marketplace content. I can imagine though expecting support and updates from folks that aren’t getting paid wouldn’t be fair as the expectation from the marketplace is that all the content is up to do date and will work with recent engine versions.

That being said, Epic could showcase some of the community work outside of the marketplace a little more, but I do not blame them for putting their focus on their existing strategy.

They do this, In the launcher you will have Spotlights on the side and I’ve seen several community items featured there. They also do it in their streams, they sometimes mention new games released using UE4 and cool community things in their stream with a little example of what it is/does.

Thanks for the information guys. I’ve been able to discover alot of free content with this info. Thanks Epic Staff!