Lot of bugs

Hello, below is list of bugs we’re experiencing using UE4.

We really like idea of Unreal Engine 4, but we feel it still feels like an Early Access build. It’s strong in concept but it has too many errors to deal with. Here’s our list:

  • After using editor a couple of times and then trying to compile a big blueprint, it crashes. Next time I open editor and try to compile it, it’s ok at beginning. But then, after using editor, it crashes again.
  • When tryging to reimport a mesh, it sometimes crashes.
  • When editing a Widget HUD, then compiling, saving it and going to Play in editor, it crashes.
  • In some cases, when trying to open editor (after a crash), it just crashes again during loading of project.
  • When save and compile a blueprint from a Level that has other Levels added to Stream, objects inside those levels unparent from scene, making it a mess and needing to parent objects again. When I say parent I mean putting objects in hierarchy of scene (attach).
  • El hot compile was expected to be a good solution for save time during compilation, but it makes even worst because when you save and compile Visual Studio project with Unreal Engine open it says that you cannot save blueprints you have open so you need to close editor anyway and reopen it again. But you don’t see this coming until you click save so sometimes you continue working and then try to save but you cannot because of this but. It tells you that it’s linked and you can do nothing to recover it.
  • In some random cases you need to recompile some blueprints to continue working properly. This is too bad because you don’t know when you need that, things start to work weird in Play mode and then you realize that it maybe be related to that blueprint you need to recompile.
  • When you try to access an object that was destroyed using lens icon in objects properties during game, it crashes.
  • There also other cases where editor crashes when trying to acces a NULL object, but I don’t think crashing editor is a good way to get notified about that. Because it doesn’t even tell you that it was because of that, it just crashes again and again.

Just to be clear, I want this engine-editor to be working as expected to be, but it’s not right now and that’s making us re-consider engine we’re going to use for this project and other projects in future. And I know we’re not only team that is dealing with that.

Hope you guys at Epic receive this message as feedback, because that’s what it is. I’m not a hatter or such a thing, just a dev director with a team looking to make games we love by using best tools available.
Please, just try to fix this kind of things before getting into anything new.

Thank you,


To know why this may be happening, we need to know your system specs.
How much RAM? What graphics card, OS version, and driver version? Which content creation tool/s generates your FBX files that you import? etc.

Is there a stack trace when you crash? Have you run it from built-from-source and tried to figure out what problem is?

Hi !

Thanks for report! We definitely want to help you sort out these problems and get any bugs reported and fixed, and reporting them here is best way to get that started.

It looks like you have a number of unrelated crashes and issues with UE4 right now. I know there are several and it may take some time, but it would help us if you could create a new post for each of issues you listed. With each post, please include as many details for that specific issue or crash as you can, including specific reproduction steps, and crash logs and dump files immediately after crash occurs. We also need engine version you are currently using, and system specs for machine it crashes on.

When you do, please post a link to new post here, and I’ll keep an eye on this thread to track them. This will help us get right people looking into each issue and help you best we can. We appreciate time you put into this for us, and hope that we’ll be able to make using UE4 an easier experience for you as a result. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for getting back.

1 - 4) This are things that doesn’t happen only one computer. But will try reinstalling it as suggested.

  1. Yes, I notice that hot recompile donesn’t work properly, so I’m not using it right now. It would be great if you guys add a C# version for coding because using C++ with VS (slow for Control+Space), needing to compile every time, then closing editor, open it again is pretty heavy for game development in 2014. I know there are some independent teams making that possible, but an official work from you guys would be great.

  2. Ok, will take that into consideration. Thanks.

  3. Yes, that magnifying glass that appears in Details tab when game is running and have an object selected from scene. It doesn’t happen all time thought.

  4. I use != NULL. but will check that out. But thing with this is that it would be better to have some error/warning messages in output instead of instant crashes.

Thank you,

Also, I’m using last version available: 4.5.1

Hey ,

Just wanted to check in and see if you were planning to make some new posts for these crashes with some crash logs and reproduction steps. That will help us address issues for you. Let me know if there’s any information you need on getting that done. Thanks!

Hi , sorry for delay in responding and thanks for getting back to me.
I’ve just reported some of crashes here:

Also, I’m using last version of Unreal (4.5.1) and my specs are:
Windows 8.1,
12gb Ram,
AMD 6870

Thank you

Hi jwatter, sorry for delay. My specs are:
Windows 8.1,
12gb Ram,
AMD 6870
I’ve just posted more details and reports here:
Crash after second Play - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums Random crashes in editor showing own code - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums Crash when stop playing in the editor - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thanks !

I made sure each of these posts were assigned to someone on our team to investigate. If you decide to make a new post for any of other issues you mentioned, please post a link here as well. For example, I know that there are some known issues with relatively new hot reload feature, but I’m not certain I’ve seen one you described before and our staff should be able to help get that (and other issues) sorted. Thanks again!

Got it. Thanks to you too, .