Lost Soul Aside - a fantasy action game

There’s a lot of great stuff inside this game! I look forward to more news in the coming months.

Do you have a full story behind this or are you focused on the gameplay? It’s really impressive what you’ve achieved in matter of animation, combat system, vfx, modelling/design, composition and many other things. The sound design is in some points of the trailer medicore though. Also sorry, but pls add effects on the dragons voice instead of this grumble-batman voice XD. I made you a little sample of what it could sound like: Stream episode Voicekiller 2 by Random arbitrariness podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud . I hope you have enogh motivation to go deeper into that matter.

OMG kickstart IT!
You got a mad skill in making games!

Very nice man. It looks veryy nice

This looks amazing. Great work. I don’t even know what more to say.

just wow… awesome, the game and the trailer is awesome too…
the gameplay remind me of chaos legion or DMC,
any female character will be added later? it would be perfect if this game have one :rolleyes:

I love hair and skin shading, truly AAA graphic quality :cool:

my I ask what solution did you use for cloth and hair simulation. apex clothing?

I want to say this first of all.

This is a seriusly epic looking game and you can go ahead and release this like as if it was a AAA title the combat looks intuitive and challenging and yet it doesn’t feel like it’s rediculesly hard to use

now to the other half
I’m sort of a wizard when it comes to somehow breaking games without trying so ehm… if you ever need a bunch of beta testers sign me up!

Amazing job mate! This reminded me of the FF trailers in many ways, really impressive.

Very awesome work. I got FF vibes from it as well, keep it up! Those boss fights look awesome. =)

This is amazing work and *really *encouraging to see someone else taking on an ambitious one-man project. Cheers!

Can I ask how you went about making those beautiful blue weapon trails? They almost seem 2D at times and remind me of the Street Fighter series. I would LOVE to hear how you went about them.

Thanks mate, keep up the good work!

is there any way i can give you money or support you? also if you need music id like to help you.

Wow, It is very impressive

This is truly amazing work.

Some ideas from me:

  • The world is beautiful but seems empty (I know this is not done yet). It would be better to fill it with monsters, little bug and bird, but keep the amount manageable. Don’t over flood it like Black Desert map.
  • It would be epic if there is some dungeons map designed like big cave or abandoned temple ruin.

Anyway…keep up this amazing works man… It is really impressive.

The sword trail particles are insanely awesome! Any tips you can give for achieving that? You have just set the bar higher for me to match with my melee project, thanks for the inspiration. This is the work of a legend

One man job - dude, That’s really impressive!

Wow looks amazing!
Definetly buying when released

There is hardly a word in the English dictionary that can describe how impressive this is! Outstanding work mate.

Looks amazing, is there a demo on the way?
I love Ninja Gaidan 1 and 2 so you don’t know just how enthusiastic I feel about this game. Whats the next step? Develop the whole thing yourself, get a decent sizable demo to get a reputation and recruit and get investment or just to showcase your ability?

When This Game release Bruhh I Like It, I want Buy This Game i cant wait :smiley: :cool:

I have a question does the blue crystal dragon creature that follows your character turn into his sword?
We see that it can transform into a set of wings, when the sword is not drawn we see the dragon following you and when drawn we don’t see it and the sword emits a blue trail.

Also the blond man you fight has a dragon shape on the hilt of his sword (thats when that idea clicked)