Lost Soul Aside - a fantasy action game

I’ve been working on this for 2 years, Thank you bro :slight_smile:

My god iam stunned. The main character looks a lot less like Noctis than i thought. Absolutly fantastic. Hope to see more (you also made it to neoGaf).

you are the real inspirer. the community needs more people like you. don’t screw this up.

How the heck is this the work of just one guy? The quality on display here is incredible. The graphics look great, and the combat and animations look really fluid. Outstanding.

Did you make all of the assets + code, or was some of it bought or paid for through freelancers?

Project looks awesome.

Wow! This game looks awesome! Keep up the good work!

This is fantastic! :smiley:

It looks awesome :wink:

Is it gonna be released on PC though?

Astonishing work! Do you plan to write a dev blog for Lost Soul Aside?

Have you considered creating a Kickstarter? I’m sure a lot of people would be willing to pledge.

Also, did you know the game is exploding all over the internet? I’ve seen it in countless Facebook pages and Twitter accounts already. :slight_smile:

Those environments look great! I was blown away to learn it is a solo project.

One quick thing though, the link to the forum thread in the video is cut off and doesn’t work.

This is a weirdly technical question, but do you mind if I ask how many keyframes your attacks tend to have? They’re so fast I assume you’re animating on ones, but it looks like most of them hit somewhere around frame 4-5, and I can’t figure out how you’ve gotten so much fluidity and detail into the windup with that few frames to work with.

Most of the background assets are from the official demos if you look close to it bro
and the BP part is created by myself

That depends, im not a professional animator,thank you bro

No problem, it looks great and I’m eager to see more :slight_smile:

:smiley: WOAH DUDE, your work is amazing, i liked it a lot, if you need someone to help you, i can do things on maya and zbrush, not looking for payment tho, i would just love to be part of it

Awesome work man.
What do you mead by BP?

Really awesome stuff in there, it looks like a AAA title, keep up the good work!

Can you make wallpaper from that game please that awesome :'D sorry for bad english

Can you share wallpaper from this game please :’) this really awesome , btw keep it up !