Lost First Person Actors in Viewport and Outliner, Need For References in Blueprints

So all of the character and player references to the game start, cameras and such, have disappeared in my outliner and view port. The only part I can see and manipulate is the player start, but even the icon for it was replaced with a “BADsize” icon. But when I go to play the level, they show up. The problem is, i need to reference these for line traces and other things in my blueprints. I don’t know how to get these to show up so I can reference them. I’m really at a loss here.


please show us the full content of outliner. i mean remove that play in search.

khokialism is right. Problem is play in search panel and remove this.

My scene is quite large, filled with a city and other things. But i attached pictures of my outliner

so what is this “FirstPersonSpongeCharacter” ? if it’s not your character , what is that?

I’m sorry, i should have mentioned that that’s a standalone FP camera for a different part of the scene not connected to the main player start, but the main camera that’s somehow connected to the player start in the level is missing unless you play the level. That’s the problem.