Lost clothes when get hurt?

Hi guys, i just starting my second game and i need do that my girl character lost clothes everytime she get hurt, how i need handle this by blueprints? Thank u!!

What I would do is maybe have a character with no clothes, then attaches the articles of clothing. Then maybe make a float variable that changes every time she gets hurt. Then depending on what the ‘hurt’ variable value is you can detach the cloths. I hope I understood your question.

Yes Niken!! U understood perfect my question and yes, i think same like u and start with naked character, now i add underwear, skirt and shirt like actor classand i trying attach to her with 3 differents sockets, the point now is how dettach every clothe

First off how are you attaching the pieces of clothing? if it is through blueprint then I would store them each as variables so you can reference them when you want to destroy them. If they are meshes in the blueprint then you wouldn’t have to store then as variables.

I was trying attach in 3 sockets that i made on the skeleton but no possible, message said i need change bones because the no inherited, i need try something different,